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Miss Manangement Review by

Miss Management - Manage Your Time In The Crazy Office

Miss Management is a funny mix of time-management and simulation from Gamelab. In terms of genre this game looks very much like Nanny Mania

In the game you are to handle not only the decision making but also crazy peculiarities of your workers and you have to make a long way before you understand how to keep everybody happy.

Get the work done and keep the workers happy - this is the principal task of Miss Management.

Miss ManagementIn this game you are a Denise, cute young lady, at her first job.

You are hired as an office manager.

So your task is to accomplish the daily goals that include not only work that must be done, but also worker's needs that must be met.

You are to do all that within a certain period of time.

The goals for each day are shown to you before each day and you can take a look at them any time along the game.

Each worker has things that irritate him/her and the ones that help to relax.

Miss ManagementEach day you meet a new person in your office.

Each worker has his/her personal peculiarities that you should know.

There are things that he/she likes and doesn't like.

For example, a girl Tara likes the whiteboard markers and doesn't like communicate with people.

It's important to know because when Mahavir, a guy in the office, tries to chat with her Tara gets stressed.

Or, for example, almost everyone gets irritated when Mahavir tumbles down on the coach to overcome his stress.

You have to be careful and not to let your workers stress out accomplishing the daily goals.

Miss ManagementThe goals for the day may get one of the workers stressed and help others to relax at the same time.

You can see how stressed a worker is with the help of the stress thermometer near each one of them.

If fulfilling one of the goals gets somebody stressed be careful not to lose that worker.

For some of the goals you have a set time that must be spent on an activity, so take a break to restore the stressed worker.

You are going to come on a short terms with the workers of the office by getting to know them and talking to them in the beginning of every business day.

Miss ManagementWhat makes Miss Management similar to the other games of this type is that you spend as much time on chatting with your workers as on the game itself.

Before each day you are to meet a new worker and discuss any arising problems with him/her.

Of course, it is not you personally who talks to them, it feels like you are a part of the comics.

At first it may seem like too much but later you get so used to everyone in the office, like Mahavir, who thinks that he's the most handsome guy in the world or Thimoty, who's depressed all the time, and the game (oops, I mean your work) becomes really fun.

You should not focus on money making. Remember that the psychological balance of your workers as well as goal completion are your primary priorities.

Miss ManagementThough you get some money for all the tasks accomplished by your workers, money is not the main factor of your success.

The game is not about getting money, it's about accomplishing your daily goals, that could be letting Pearl smoke for 50 seconds or bringing Tara 2 whiteboard markers.

The money you get can be spent on the things in the shop for your workers, like a cup of coffee, a doughnut, a whiteboard marker etc.

Miss Management is both entertaining and challenging time-management game.

The graphics are very cute and attractive. It's clear that it took a great deal of developer's time and energy to release another quality game. And the game is well worth it!

Azada Review by

Azada - Free Game DownloadAzada - Great Adventure Game With Tons Of Puzzles

Big Fish Games Studio is working really hard to supply with oh-so-cool games once in a while. Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to the next puzzle epic by Big Fish Games Studios - Azada, a super cool puzle adventure game with tons of puzzles to solve.

Solve all the puzzles of the game to help Titus.

Azada - Hidden Object PuzzleYou find yourself in a mysterious place with no idea how you got there.

First, you find a letter on the floor, saying that your help is desperately needed to release Titus from his spell finding all the pages of the secret book.

From this moment on your adventure begins.

The series of numerous puzzles of all kinds are waiting for you.

Each level is represented by a number of different puzzles.

Azada - Free Game DownloadIn each level there are sheets of paper with puzzles for you to choose. The puzzles are quite different. To solve The Colors puzzle, for example, you need to remember the sequence of color blocks that has been pressed and to repeat the sequence on your own.

The Pyramid puzzle is represented by mixed parts of a picture of an ancient pyramid that you are to collect in a way it is done in "Fifteen" game. Your task is to put them together by swapping only the adjacent parts.

Hidden-object puzzles of this game take more than finding the items.

Azada- Free Game DownloadSpecial attention must be paid to the hidden-object puzzles because they take more than a quick eye. In this type of puzzles you are given a list of objects to find but they are not just somewhere on a picture. A match, for example, can be in a bucket, so in order to find it you need to click on the bucket and see what's inside. Moreover, having found all the items you need to understand how you can use them to unlock another page. So there's much more than a seek-and-find thing.

Try to solve the puzzles before the time runs out. The hint button help will cost you 5 minutes.

Azada - Free Game DownloadThe time in every puzzle is limited, so you'd better watch the clock so that you wouldn't have to solve all the puzzles of the level again.

You get a roll for every solved puzzle, and the number of puzzles depends on the required number of rolls.

There are hints in some puzzles that will only tell you what to do next. But that will cost you 5 minutes of your time.

The graphics and sounds of the game are really impressive and contribute to the mysterious game story. I'm sure everyone will enjoy solving the mysteries of Azada and helping Titus.

Turbo Pizza Review by

Turbo PizzaTurbo Pizza - an Energetizing Arcade

Welcome to Turbo Pizza - an innovating pizzeria located in the rundown castle with a wide choice of food and drinks and quick service. After all, it's just a nice place to stop in. A rapid flow of over 5 customer types of different temperament each; every day is a big thing, and there are only Robert and Rebecca there to handle this insane pace. Is there anybody else to help them? It might be you, if you like Diner games and have ever surrendered to the crazy pace of restaurant frenzy.

The first trick of this game is to be very-very quick, otherwise you'll not pass even through the first level...

Turbo Pizza So, fasten your belts and... fasten yourself. Or you won't be able to progress a lot. Customers come quickly and won't wait long. By the way, there are over 5 types of the customers: men, women, bookworm ladies, school students, golfers, and crazy impatient knights.

Each of them may order anything that comes to his/her mind. And the menu of your pizzeria does offer a vast choice of food and drinks: three types of pizza, cakes, ice-cream, pop-corn, soda, coffee and so on.

Some of the food items are easy to serve as you are just to grab them from the counter and hand to the customer, and that's it. But, in order to deliver other food items, you'll have to accomplish complicated actions. Say, in order to prepare any kind of pizza, you're to grab it from Robert, your coworker, and place it to the oven. Coffee should be brewed, popcorn prepared on a special machine seated in the center of the playfield, and ice-cream should be prepared on a special machine.

So, here's a general picture of the game: customers are coming out of the blue, order different food and drinks that you can't deliver in one click, and if you don't do that as quickly as they expect, they'll just leave.

Turbo PizzaThe whole thing is even much more complicated since some of the customers would like to get several food items. And you just won't let them go by serving them once. So, this game is played at a crazy pace only, and you can handle it as long as you let it absorb you. Though Turbo Pizza has an undeniably absorbing effect(tested on the several people from our department), it is a good energetic game that you can use in the beginning of your business day for training your reaction.

The other good thing about the game is that it is not monotonous at all. The multiple restaurant levels are mixed with mini-games. The point of each one is to fix a pizza out of ingredients on conveyor belt.

Moreover, similarly to Diner Dash you'll be able to get upgrades between the levels here for the money earned during each level.

Turbo Pizza There are three types of upgrades. The first type includes the upgrades that will make Robert and Rebecca work faster and better handle their tasks(like pizza-making and waitressing course); 2. the second type is aimed at quickening the work on machines(ice-cream, coffee, and pop-corn). 3. Lastly, the third ones will let you to renovate and decorate your pizzeria to make it look attractive for the coming customers.

Of course, I recommend that you first train your stuff to ensure the future success. Just like in real life, education is of great use in Turbo Pizza. After a waitressing course, Rebecca will rush like crazy, and Robert will make pizzas a way faster than he did before the course.

The speed and complexity of your work will depend on every specific day. Say, some days are proclaimed pizza contests, or pizza days, so you'll be serving mostly pizzas. On a hot summer day (like this one:)) you'll be serving cool soda mostly.

In terms of gameplay Turbo Pizza is a smart mix of The Apprentice: LA and Cake Mania in terms of general concept and gameplay. But it is so engagingly vivid, that it cannot be compared with any other Diner arcade.

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Hidden Expedition: EverestHidden Expedition: Everest -great beginning of summer


Hidden Expedition: Everest developed by Big Fish Games offers you a race to the top of Everest. In this game you are to compete against 3 other teams.

Travel around the world to get to Everest first. Hidden Expedition: Everest is an excellent seek-and-find puzzle game with a great story.

along the way you compete in hidden objects hunting against The Gamers, The Scarlet Hat League and The Scholars

Hidden Expedition: Everest You compete against 3 other teams in Hidden Expedition: Everest.

The Scholars are guided by their brainpower. The Scarlet Hat League are ladies, who believe that the whole journey is going to be fun. The Gamers are guys who've done that many times before in computer games.

Ed Viesturs, a expert mountaineer, guides you all the way to Everest.

In every level you have a chart in the bottom of your screen showing you the success of your competitors. So it adds a time challenge to the hidden objects gameplay. Try to find different objects hidden so well that you'll definitely need help

Hidden Expedition: Everestour task in Hidden Expedition: Everest is to find all the items on the list in the bottom within the limited time. And, believe me, it's not always an easy task to accomplish. The objects are totally different (child's face, toothbrush, palm tree, etc) and sometimes are hidden very well.

The objects of the same color and those placed on one another or carved or drawn on different surfaces are the hardest to find.

Enjoy wonderful animated scenes as you travel all over the world.

Hidden Expedition: Everest

Hidden Expedition: Everest has 30 wonderful scenes of the greatest world highlights. But the biggest surprise is that they are animated!

The design of each of them is really amazing.

Working your way from Latin America to your last destination - Everest you'll visit places like Bolivia, Mayan Wall, Chichen Itza ruins ad many other picturesque places.

The objects are hidden very well so you may need to use a Hint button.

Hidden Expedition: EverestIf you are stuck with finding objects you can use a Hint button to be shown the area where the object is.

You have only 3 hints per level so use them wisely.

You can also find 5 hidden gems on the screen to get more hints. Apart from all that an hourglass is hidden on every screen.

It's optional so get it if you want to prolong your time of the level.

Challenging mini-games are as addictive as the main game.

Hidden Expedition: EverestWhat's more, you are challenged with tasks like finding "20 axis" or "19 sea shells" in a mini-game that tells you next destination.

Every few levels you'll tackle mini-games such as putting a map out of separate piecestogether .

Then there is a mini-game for a special bonus. You are to find items through the game by the silhouettes in the secret items book.

Marvelous graphics, amazing mini-games, fun story and the whole game presentation makes Hidden Expedition: Everest a top game of its type.

Professor Fizzwizzle and the Molten MysteryProfessor Fizzwizzle and the Molten Mystery - Puzzle Game that Make Your brain Work to the Full

Professor Fizzwizzle and the Molten Mystery is a crazy addictive puzzle game from Grubby Games.
You are to help Professor Fizzwizzle to resist one of his students, who became a villain on an island where the professor came on vacation.

Help Professor Fizzwizzle to get through all the tricks prepared by one of his brightest though cruel students.

Professor Fizzwizzle and the Molten MysteryAccording to the game story Professor Fizzwizzle came to the island on his vacation. He meets there one of his students, a little red girl in glasses, who turns out to be really cruel.

So the professor makes all the way through puzzles to a volcano that seems ready to erupt.

There are over 200 levels to go through to get to the volcano. The difficulty of the levels grows as you advance.

Use all the items wisely to get to the next level.

Professor Fizzwizzle and the Molten MysteryIt takes your mother wit to solve the levels on your own.

The only task for all the levels is to make your way to the tube that will transport you to the next level.

The professor has many obstacles like ice, cases, gates etc... to get there. So it's important to know all the peculiarities of every item to use it properly.

The game has tons of instructions for you to keep up with. It's better to learn that information gradually.

Professor Fizzwizzle and the Molten MysteryIt's going to take some time for you to keep up the rules of the game. The rules are represented mainly by the peculiarities of each item. And you really need to know all of that to succeed. But my advice for you is to learn the basic moves, like how the professor moves on grass, on sand, on ice and the peculiarities of the cases. The rest of the information is better to look at when you need it in your level. It's easier to remember the information when you can practice it at once.

You can undo your actions or restart the level to find the solution yourself. If no ideas left, use the Show the Solution button.

Professor Fizzwizzle and the Molten MysteryThe good thing about the game is that you can use the "u" key to undo several of your last actions and the "r" key to restart the level. So you are unlimited in your tries to solve the puzzle.

But if even this doesn't help and you have no more ideas, Show the Solution button is just for you. You'll be represented with the way to solve the puzzle and you can stop it to continue yourself any time you want.

Professor Fizzwizzle and the Molten Mystery is a fantastic puzzle game that keeps your brains working at full. And nice attractive graphics and sounds only add more pluses to the game.

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